Welcome to the RNAbor webserver !

This web server uses the software RNAbor to compute the number and Boltzmann probability of the set of secondary structures of a given RNA sequence at base pair distance δ from a given structure. RNAbor was developed by Eva Freyhult, Vince Moulton and Peter Clote (submitted). RNAbor computes the number Nδ and partition function Zδ over all secondary structures of given RNA sequence which are δ-neighbors of a given structure S0. Additionally, for all values of δ, RNAbor computes the minimum free energy structure, denoted MFEδ at base pair distance δ from the initial structure. This computation is done simultaneously for all values of δ ≤ Δ, in time O(Δ2*n3) with O(Δ*n2) space requirements. Further documentation is here.

Please submit your experiments from the Webserver page.