Welcome to LocalMove webserver !

Local move is a Monte-Carlo approach to the problem of finding best-fitting lattice models for biopolymers.
Starting from an initial discrete model (3D self-avoiding walk), it performs a sequence of elementary random alterations, called Local Moves. The original atoms coordinate, input as a PDB file, are then used to decide whether or not to accept the candidate move, either deterministically in a greedy way or stochastically by performing a simulated annealing. Through iterating the process for a reasonable amount of time, a model is obtained whose inter-atom distance is very close to the original model.

Using this this webserver, it is possible to:
Run a LocalMove experiment
Monitor fitting progress in real time (Requires Java)
Retrieve the best-on lattice output
Additionally, you can reproduce previously run experiments, pre-load the job submission page with previously defined configuration, or export a movie of the pseudo-folding process (beta). A large panel of options is available for running an experiment. Please refer to the Manual section for a short description of most available options.