transFold's software and interface is free of charge for any academic's user with non-profit's interest. However, any work using transFold, must cite the original paper written by J. Waldispühl, B. Berger, P. Clote and J.-M. Steyaert, untitled "Predicting Transmembrane β-barrels and Inter-Strand Residue Contacts From Sequence" (see references).

Commercial or profit uses of transFold are forbidden without the authorisation of the author, and require a license from the École Polytechnique and the CNRS.

For such uses of transFold, please contact Jérôme Waldispühl and Pascal Bradu.

Binary distributions can be obtained by e-mail request to Jérôme Waldispühl. Mirror of this site are available at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and École Polytechnique.