Lab Meeting Notes

Lab Meeting Notes 9/23/13

  • Alan Engelman Seminar tomorrow, please go and sign-up for lunch if you can
  • Lab Jobs are going to be sent out
  • Need to look into cleaning out/autoclaving the incubators, starting to get funky

Lab Meeting Notes 9/16/13

  • Stay on top of seminars.  This week’s and next week’s are ones we should attend.  Welkin is also doing one in October (we should go) and the week after that is Ruth’s (Welkin’s guest).
  • Lab Jobs are going to be reassigned.  Mention of water baths and trays in T.C.
  • Harvard Seminar Series has been moved to 4pm on Thursdays starting this week.  See Alison for details.

Lab Meeting Notes 9/9/13

  • Welkin is soliciting ideas for seminar series and landmark series speakers
  • Reminder to thoroughly clean out the hoods after you finish using them. Bleach spray (10%), wiped down and then followed up with 70% Ethanol Spray and wiped down.  UV treat the hoods (hold the button down for one beep, that will give you automatic shutoff after 15 mins!)

Lab Meeting Notes 8/26/13

  • There is NO lab meeting next week (9/2…Labor Day Holiday)
  • Everyone should be using the Google Calendar for absences, planned days off, and of course Tissue Culture Hood sign-ups.  Any questions you should see Alison.
  • Only required one-on-ones with Welkin are for Alison, Sergio, Kate and Anindita (please see Welkin to set up a time, preferably Mondays or Tuesdays)
  • Everyone is required to submit weekly progress reports to Welkin by Monday Mornings (before 12:00 pm) or prior to your one-on-one.