1. MIT Bioinformatics Seminar, co-organized by P. Clote (BC) and B. Berger (MIT)
  2. Sequence and structure searching site
  3. RNA World Website
  4. SCOP:Structural Classification of Proteins Database for the Investigation of Sequences and Structures
  5. Protein Data Base (Structural)
  6. European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
  8. KEGG:Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
  9. HIV Sequence Database, Los Alamos
  10. TIGR Database
  11. Church group array data
  12. Macromolecular Structures Database
  13. EBI Protein topology atlas
  14. EMBL WWW Services
  15. Metabolic minipathways
  16. Spellman yeast cell cycle expression data
  17. Protein Domain Database
  18. SWEET-DB (Annotated data collections for carbohydrates and LINUCS (Linear notation for unique description of carbohydrate sequences)
  19. Gene Expression Links
  20. SWISS-PROT (protein sequences) and PROSITE (functional protein sites)
    John C. Weicher, SYSTERS Protein Family Database
  21. MIPS yeast pathways
  22. GOBASE Organelle Genome Database
  23. Saccharomysec Genomic Information Resource
  24. BLOCKS Search Server